Тест на определение уровня английского языка

Таблица неправильных глаголов английского языка


1) ____________you agree?

a) Were    b) Do    c) Have    d) Are   
2) My mother _____________ when I came back.

a) was cooked    b) was cooking    c) has been cooking    d) has cooked   
3) Where __________you last night?

a) had    b) were    c) did    d) are   
4) How _________peaches are there in the bag?

a) much    b) more    c) many    d) most   
5) He wants to sleep,  ___________?

a) has he    b) doesn’t he    c) isn’t he    d) does he   
6) I’m going to a wedding. I need to _____________.

a) have my hair cut    b) have cut hair    c) get cut my hair    d) my hair cut   
7) I’m hungry. ____________a sandwich.

a) I would    b) I’d like    c) I like    d) Like   
8) I’m ____________in the class.

a) the most young    b) younger    c) the youngest    d) more young   
9) She ___________smart.

a) hasn’t     b) doesn’t     c) can’t    d) isn’t   
10) She tried to _____________.

a) talk me out of the plan    b) talk out of me the plan    c) talk the plan out of me    d) talk me of the plan out   
11) _______________ of the shops were open.

a) None    b) No     c) Never    d) Nothing   
12) Moscow is ___________than Berlin.

a) dirtiest    b) dirty    c) dirtier    d) more dirty   
13) I _____________ Kate for years.

a) have known    b) know    c) have been knowing    d) am knowing   
14) I was very ____________ in the story.

a) interest    b) interested    c) interesting    d) interestingly   
15) I _________________ to his way of teaching.

a) am getting used    b) used     c) didn’t use    d) can’t used   
16) Why are your hands dirty?  Because   I ______________ my car.

a) repaired     b) have repaired     c) will have repaired    d) have been repairing   
17) I’d like ____________________me tomorrow.

a) him to help    b) him helping    c) he will help    d) that he helps   
18) He ___________this letter 2 hours ago.

a) has written    b) writes    c) wrote    d) is written   
19) ________________that it will end soon.

a) It is said     b) It is saying     c) It is says    d) It was said   
20) He’s wearing a tie.

a) So do I    b) So am I     c) Neither do I    d) Neither am I   
21) The children won’t go to sleep _______________we leave a light on outside their bedroom.

a) except    b) otherwise     c) unless    d) but   
22) I’ll give you my spare keys in case you __________home before me.

a) would get    b) got      c) will get    d) get   
23) She is very keen on _____________.

a) knitting    b) knitted     c) having knitted    d) to knit   
24) The singer ended the concert _________ her most popular song.

a) by    b) with    c) in    d) as   
25) This is the 1st time I ________________ raw fish.

a) eat    b) have eaten    c) am eating    d) had eaten   
26) Because it had not rained for several months, there was a ____________ of water.

a) shortage    b) drop     c) scarce    d) waste   
27) If only I had had the courage to do this ___________.

a) years back    b) for years    c) since years    d) in years   
28) She came to live here ___________ a month ago.

a) quite    b) beyond    c) already    d) almost   
29) He spent a long time looking for a tie which ___________ with his new shirt.

a) fixed    b) made     c) went    d) wore   
30) Fortunately, __________ from a bump on the head, she suffered no serious injuries.

a) other    b) except    c) besides    d) apart   
31) The castle ________________ built in the 14th century.

a) might been    b) might have been    c) might have    d) has been   
32) She had changed so much that _______________anyone recognized her.

a) almost    b) hardly    c) not    d) nearly   
33) ___________ teaching English, she also writes children’s book.

a) Moreover    b) As well as     c) In addition    d) Apart   
34) The book ____________ of ten chapters, each one covering a different topic.

a) comprises    b) includes    c) consists    d) contains   
35) Klaus and Olga are German. They ___________from Berlin.

a) are coming     b) have come    c) came    d) come   
36) Mr Smith is out at the moment. He ___________ a designer.

a) sees     b) is seeing     c) has seen    d) is seen   
37) Jane remained calm when she won the lottery and __________ about her business as if nothing had happened.

a) came     b) brought     c) went    d) moved   
38) I suggest we _________ outside the stadium tomorrow at 8.30.

a) meeting    b) meet    c) met    d) will meet   
39) My remarks were ____________ as a joke, but she was offended by them.

a) pretended    b) thought     c) meant    d) supposed   
40) Comedies always make me____________.

a) laughing       b) to laugh    c) to be laughing    d) laugh   
41) It is bad manners to ___________other people's conversations.

a) interpret      b) interrupt    c) interfere    d) interview   
42) I’d rather ____________than take a bus.

a) walk     b)  to walk      c) walked    d) walking   
43) They ____________my girlfriend in a bank the other day.

a) saw      b) have seen    c) had seen    d) see   
44) They______________ home yet.

a) must have got     b) will have got    c) might have got    d) can’t have got   
45) When I arrived home, she _________ the suitcase. 

a) had packed     b) had been packing     c) has been packing    d) has packed   
46) You ought to take up swimming for the _________ of your health.

a) concern     b) relief     c) sake    d) cause   
47) It was clear that the young couple were __________ of taking charge of the restaurant.

a) responsible    b) reliable    c) capable    d) able   
48) She was disappointed with her new shirt as the colour ____________ very quickly.  

a) bleached     b) died       c) vanished    d) faded   
49) National leaders from all over the world are expected to attend the _______ meeting.

a) peak     b) summit     c)  top    d) apex   
50) Not only _______ to find the money, but also had some problems with the police.

a)  did I fail     b) I failed        c) I did fail    d) I had failed   
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