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Employment teachers – native speakers

We are interested in finding teachers – native speakers of English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, etc., to work in our Educational Center. The teachers should preferably have a TEFL qualification or teaching experience but we will consider all applications. The salary depends on the number of groups and individual students taught by the teacher.

This is an amazing opportunity to

TO GET AN EXPERIENCE IN TEACHING your language to foreign students. We will be happy to provide you with a recommendation letter;

LEARN OR PRACTICE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE (especially for students and graduates of Slavonic faculties).

VISIT RUSSIA, keeping in mind that we are based in the South of Russia (Krasnodar and Novorossiysk) where the climate is mild and warm;

КварталПамятник ЕкатеринеСобор Александра Невского

Students and undergraduates from Slavonic faculty of Cambridge University come often to our centre to practice their Russian language, to learn more about Russia. Cambridge University and our centre have had good and strong relationships for 10 years. These students are from Slavonic faculty of Cambridge University who taught English language as foreign to our Russian students:

Jennifer Collins takes part in New Year’s Party (2000)


Denis Pomerico’s wedding in Krasnodar (2003)

Catherine Suart and Amelia Hudson having fun at the Halloween Party (2007)

Catherine Suart teaching a class (2007)

Emilie Yerby and Eugene Natalenko: Halloween Party - British and American style (2008)

Christopher Connolly judging the Halloween competitions (2009)

As you can see our guests come to Russia not only to study Russian language or teach, but also to learn more about Russian culture, people, traditions and at the same time our students appreciate this opportunity to communicate with native speakers.

For details, please, contact us on rull@pleade.ru ; tel : +7 (861) 275 06 82

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